Introducing B-Man & G-mo 3.0

Yes, you read that blog title correctly folks. You know the song All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth. Well, these guys asked for new bodies. Their heads were getting a bit too floppy, their ears warn out from too many ear rubs, Bernardo had a weird sunken chest, they were getting pilly, etc. So, it was their time to be recreated. Don't worry, they are the same mikees they have always been. We did a little 'essence' swapping last night, attached the old eyes to the new bodies and voila, this:Isn't B-man even cuter with a bigger, fuller tummy and chest! Guillermo's new body is a bit stinky, he thought the 'essence' transfer indicated the need to fart on his new body all of last week. So, it was a bit of stinky overload. Bernardo even tried out his new body and found with the bigger tummy, it was easier to (push out a) fart. With that said, I found them in front of the mirror when I got home from work today preening themselves, grooming, comparing doodle size, etc. What they are most excited for is showing off the new bods during tonight's Triple D staring our favorite:
I don't have the heart to tell them that Guy can't see them... By the way, that is actually a photo taken of the TV. Doesn't it look like I was really there?!? I better get going to make sure those two aren't up to no good. Minkee, I mean Jen out!



Wish I could trade my body in when it gets to smelly and floppy....


Oh, the guys looks so sharp in their new bods.

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