Friday Foto Fiesta 11.7.08

What the!!!!!!!!!!!

Much to our surprise we found THIS on the floor last night! Again we say WHAT THE!!!!! Is Jen or Brian a minkee murderer?!? What happend to this poor guy..... Better yet, what is going to happen to us?!?

Jen here. Don't fret boys, its just G-mo's new body. The old was is going through some wear and tear issues (not to mention the tiny brown Jagermister stain on his muzzle.....). Sometimes you just got to remake a monkey.

Trivia question (and yes, Carrie you do know the answer!) What number body is Guillermo on (counting this new one.)? How about Bernardo? He's getting a new one too. One with a fuller belly and less barrel chested.

Make sure to stop on over at Candid Carries Corner for some Fx4 Fun!



Where is the crime scene tape?


This is funny! Enjoying your knitty


Monkey murder! Stop by me today for fiesta AND Caption This contest fun.

Hippie Family...

ok seriously.. it looks like a crime scene!! hahhahaha
you need some tape around there..


I'm almost scared to ask what happens to the old monkey bodies!

Jennifer and Sandi

Did they leave the candlestick behind?

What a bloody mess you have on your hands.

- Jennifer


Uh oh, this looks like a tricky procedure. How successful is a total body transplant?

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