Decorating the tree!

Well, Guillermo and I spent Sunday trying to decorate the tree Brian put up this week.
Afterall, how does that holiday classic go?

"Oh Christmas tree,
Oh Christmas tree,
ummmm...won't...you be...my neighbor??"

That doesn't sound quite right. Anyhow, we thought we could best help by unloading the boxes filled with decorations, so we put on our festive holiday socks and dug in!

Blech, kinda dusty in there...maybe we'll just work on untangling the lights!

Oh man, these things suck!
BRIAN!!! Help a minkee out, please...

Well, at least G-mo made the best of it!

Hey, look what I founds...little B & G-sized gift bags! Or as we call them: "toys"


We finally got to the globes, giving them a good ole monkey-shine. Took a little longer than usual, you know how G-mo is: he kept calling them "magic shiny-balls" and was quite enamored with them...the red ones in particular.

Despite his quirks, I have to give credit where credit it due: this was an AWESOME idea, Guillermo!

Oh well, in the end, I guess Jen and Brian decorated all of the tree, but I am pretty sure we had more fun!

OH, and of course, we put the BEST decorations on last...

PS..and if you look closely, you can see our enormous "pine doodles" : ()



Wow, those are big pine doodles!


Loved those two minkees and their socks. You just never know what they are going to do. MH


I love the earrings, guys. And the lights look a little alienish...I like!


LMAO "Two minkees with huge pine doodles in a tree?" I don't remember those lyrics in the song!

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