Never leave a monkey alone with an IPod touch.....

When Jen went to work this morning she forgot to grab her IPod Touch.  Being curious little fellas (and the recent addition of wifi in the house) we decided to check out all of the monkey related apps the IPod had to offer.

First was Wack-A-Mole minkee style.  You press on the monkey face as it appears on the screen.  Tons of fun!

Then the oh so much fun Crazy Monkey Spin. You have to have some pretty dexterous thumbs!

Monkey Money sounds like fun, huh?  Well, its not unless you like to play the slots with no rewards.  4 Minkee paws down!

Monkey Flight was kinda fun, but rather confusing.  

Bloons was just awesome.  You got to aim the monkey arm and then shoot a pin and pop the bloons.  It was a rootin', hootin' good time!

Things went pretty well, then the battery died.  We didn't have a chance to delete the games before she got home.  Hope she doesn't notice.....



Hopefully Jen won't mind too much :P

(oh, and Jen, I started to make a monkey using your pattern, but I will say that it was NOTHING compared to yours...Mine is very...well, I guess you could say it has a lot of character ;) If it looks good enough, I'll post it on my blog and send you the link.)


It is amazing what two minkees can do when Jen is away. Creative little buggers.

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