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Since Jen goes back to full time life on Monday we decided to dig through some of her arts and crafts stuff before it heads back to school and see what we can make.  We decided on these:

We found all kinds of cool sticky letters and shapes.  I had to help Guillermo work on his sign.  He kept trying to put all the stickers on him and not his project.  I didn't want to hear him whine after the last time he got into the stickers.  Once I showed him that post and the outcome of destickering, he settled down and got to work.

They are going to be placed in our executive suites so we know who sleeps where.  I think they turned out pretty good.  What do you think?



I think you guys should have an Etsy shop.


So cute! Love the palm tree and monkey stickers. You guys have executive suites???


Such creative little monkeys!

Mama Dawg

Nice work.

Candid Carrie

How come the sticker kind of monkeys have long arms and short legs?

Just wondering. No big deal.

P.S. B&G are cuter than sticker monkeys.


Oohh, its spot the different monkey time. Yes, G-mo is a whole new monkey since stickerpoluza. And he will be made again sometime soon.

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