Never let a monkey....

Fix their own boo boos!  

Fictional ones or not!

(You can't see it, but Guillermo has one on his butt too!)


Candid Carrie

First, how did they get those BooBoos?

Second, where did you get monkey bandaids?

I am tired of slapping on a princess or a pirate on the booboos. Must have minkee bandaids.

For myself.

Candid Carrie
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must. own. those. bandaids!!!!


Those monkey-face band aids are kind of scaring me... I better go get a hug from Cocoa Puff.

Mama Dawg

Oh, man....you guys look like my daughter when she was 4 and found my stash of band-aids.


Those are the coolest band-aids ever. AND that photo is to die for! Ridiculously cute!

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