When Jen is away

Now that Jen is gone all day, and Brian is taking online classes it is up to us to make our own fun.
Today, we decided to study our minkee heritage.  We got out a few books on Simian Behavior and tonight we plan on giving a presentation about all of the minkee characteristics we learned about.  We now have a good grasp on the proper ways of grooming, how to determine the dominate male, what 'our kind' does when we become angry, etc.  I hope Jen and Brian are prepared for the show!  We think it is going to be a hit.  Check back tomorrow to see how it went.



there is going to be poop throwing isn't there?


You can read us like a book.


oooo can't wait to see the show!

Mama Dawg

Ummmm...photos? Please?

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