Friday Foto Finish 8.22

It's that time of the week again dear friends, Candid Carries Friday Foto Fiesta Finish.  I hope you are participating this week as well.

This little number was inspired by a recent trip to the MacDonalds with a group of teachers.  Mmmmm, those golden arches!  One got a Happy Meal so her son could have the little toy surprise inside.  I found the toy creepy and odd.  So, I had to do something with one.  On my way home today I decided to stage this little photo.  

We have Bernardo, I mean Captain Coconaut, here protecting scared little Guillermo from the evil Princess Leah Bobblehead toy.  What a wuss.  I like the legs flailing out to the sides of the box.  And if you haven't tried their apple dippers yet, you should.  Very yummy.



That cape and mask are awesome! LOL! That bobble-head thingy...just plain odd. I don't know why the minkee in a box makes me think of a jack-in-the-box.


So funny! I feel the same way when I see some of their toys too! EEK! I love the bravery of Cpt. Coconaut

oº˚ Anissa ˚ºo

Thanks for sharing I love reading your blog to see what the little guys will do next! Much Love chat later.


What a coincidence, we got Happy Meals last night! Emily pulled Darth Vader's cardboard head off the box and said, "'I find my lack of head disturbs me.'"


Sometimes those Happy Meal toys are so weird! I don't blame the monkey for freaking out!


Love the 'dressed up' one. Too cute.

They do have some freaky toys from time to time that's for sure.


This is just too funny! Love it!


Love the one taking a nose-dive into the happy meal!


My daughter calls them "Old McDonalds". That's how she looks digging into her french fries.

This Mom

You know the fry smell stays FOREVER in the cardboard. Does G-man now smell like FRYs? If so I want to snuggle. I am off carbs for the month so I just need to smell to get my fix. ;0)


You have got to have one of the best blogs E.V.E.R.

Guillermo & Bernardo rock!


Nothing freaker than a bobble head princess Leah except maybe a legos Princess Leah...have you seen those things? Now that's scary!!


Uggh....are their toys getting worse or what? Glad the monkeys could have fun with them though.

Apple dippers instead of fries. I think my son with disown me...


Very funny .. and cute :-)

Bernardo looks very brave!!

Hippie Family...

PLEASE COME VACATION AT MY HOUSE!!! Bring the cape.. wink wink...

OMG.. I am still in tears from that cape........


G-man was scared? I thought he was diving in the box to get closer to the fries!

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