Sock Drawer Antics

Well, after much begging we got to play in our most favorite places in the world.  THE SOCK DRAWER!!!!!  Jen has all kinds of bitchen socks we just had to play with them all.  Bernardo has the best pair, the ones she wears on Halloween.  She sometimes wears them in yoga too, but just when its cold.

Since you can't hear our excitement, we decided to show you just how excited we are with little notes on our faces.  I know, I know it covers up the cuteness but you need to understand how much we love playing with these little guys.  Bernardo wanted to go so far as to say "SUPER AWESOME" but he couldn't get it all on the post it.  You get the idea though!!!
Maybe, just maybe if we ask nice Jen will get us our own pairs when she goes out later today.  Naw, that won't be any fun.  It is better when we play with theirs.  It feels more natural to our little minkee personalities.  Ooohh, lets see what Brian has in his sock drawer......



You are little Dr. Seuss minkees! I'll have to ask Cocoa Puff how he feels about sock drawers. Then I'll have to buy some cool socks.

Candid Carrie

Dang girl, you know how long I've been waiting to get in Brian's drawers .... go! Take the camera with you.


Socks are so fun! My hubby's sock drawer is scary.

This Mom

OOOHH I thought we were barred from Brian's drawers.


I just added you to my blog -- I love your blog

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