Playing Craps

Hey all!  We've been very busy minkees since yesterday morning.  A big storm came through and knocked out our power (hopefully it will be back by tomorrow) and we had nothing to do but play all day.
Here we are playing craps.  We really don't know how to play, but we made up our own version.  We each rolled a die and bet on which monkey would get the higher score.  Then he would win those chips.  Well, Bernardo rolls like a fiend and he kicked my little minkee butt.  Then I got mad and threw some chips....  Well, we won't discuss the particulars.

Later on in the day we played Candyland, Bernardo won.  Then we played Boggle, Bernardo won that too.  He kept beating me at all the games except one.  We had a fart off.  I am the master of all things gassy, so of course I won.  Unfortunately, B-man passed out and hasn't come too yet. Oh, no!  Maybe I caused the power outage!  I'm going to go hide!


Mama Dawg

A fart-off sounds wonderful. My daughter and I both have farting contests all the time.

This Mom

What no poker? oh wait no thumbs. Sorry guys, you would real like that game anyways.


Here is hoping you guys get power back soon!

It was really funky how some people got hit really badly while others - myself among them - didn't. Where I work in Moline, there is no power and my boss had to bring in a generator.

Hopefully there are no downed power lines near you! Stay away from them if there are, minkees!



great, now there are two monkeys out there that can play craps better then me...

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