Field Trippin' to RIBCO

Bernardo here...  Since we had to get out of the house again today while the new carpet is being installed, we went with Jen down to RIBCO (The Rock Island Brewing COmpany) for lunch.  Well, we didn't eat, just ran around and played.  It was a lot of fun, the bartender Amanda (click at your own risk) was very nice to us, when Jen wasn't looking, she let us have some of that tasty brew they have.

Since we are classy minkees, we hung out on the top shelf of the cooler.  Don't worry ladies and gents the beers were still corked so we didn't get them all germy, or did we.  My personal favorite is the Chimay on my left.  Guillermo likes the Delirium.  He said the last time he drank some he actually saw the pink elephant.  I think he was just a little drunk.  That stuff packs a punch!  Just like my photo!
I decided to make some crank phone calls on the beer phone.  Hello, I'd like to speak to I. M. a Wiener...  Hee Hee.  Only problem was the beer phone is not connected to anything but beer. But it was fun watching Guillermo try to make some calls.  He's such a silly little minkee.
When someone went to pay their tab, we went into action.  That right Terry, we're in your cash register!!!  It was a little hard to count out the change, no opposable thumbs and all, but we managed.  We even got a tip!  Pretty sweet, we didn't even have our bar tending outfits on!  And John, watch out for the present we left you when you count the drawer tonight.  
Since Jen was taking too long to eat her lunch, we headed over to 2nd Avenue to play some more.  Here we are being Mix Master Monkeys!  There was a local band by that name a while ago, don't know if they are still around.  Great name for a band.  Anyway, I rocked out to the Beastie Boys and Guillermo danced his little heart out.  I tried to scratch and mix it up, but I think I ruined the record.  Sorry, Jen will get you a new one.
Before we headed out, we had one last thing to do......  Good thing we didn't get caught!  It was like a beer faucet, pretty awesome if you ask me.  However, Guillermo doesn't look so well now, kinda green.  You would think he learned from the last time.
What a fun day!  We will have to come back.  Amanda agreed to monkeysit  us any time we need it.  I don't think we need to be watched, well at least I don't.  Maybe we will come back next week for the Travoltas.....


K & E

What did we tell you?
Mo' Monkeys
Mo' Problems


You monkeys!! Silly boys!! I hope you don't party TOO much, you have to be awake for the fireworks!

Candid Carrie

Alright, that Amanda chick's site scared me.

I think I need to report Jen and Brian to the IDMW (Illinois Department of Monkey Welfare). I know in Wisconsin we have zero tolerance with Monkey Mismanagement, I have no idea how things are handled across the border.

Perhaps they are Monkeys Without Borders and we could be their legal custodians. Yes!


We put that warning on Amanda for a reason. Her Myspace really isn't what she's like. She is a nice person, mother and future wife (in September).

Please don't report us. We like it here. However, the 'without borders' seems interesting.

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