We're Bored! Pt. 1

This past Monday, we had a massive wind storm that knocked down trees and cut out power to a very large chunk of our area.  Two days later, we still have no power and it looks like we will be out until Friday.  So what are two monkeys to do?  We decided to recreate scenes from some movies and have Jen download and post them when she goes to her parents to recharge the laptop batteries.  Check back throughout the week to see what is new.  Here are today's installments:

Monkey of Arabia

Apocalypse Now Monkey

2001 A Space Monkey

Broke Back Monkey (couldn't resist this one!)

Monkey Wild West Show

Stop back ad see what else we have in store.  We hope to have some James Bond and Star Wars scenes soon.

Monkey Out!



I love the 2001 pic, absolutely adorable

This Mom

Man you guys are clever. But no power til Friday. I think I would have to move to the holiday inn or something.


Wow! I was laughing so hard it took me a minute to start typing! I love Monkeys!


I can't even begin to imagine what we would do without power for a week!

2001 A Space Monkey ...that is the best one!!! ha ha ha!


Woo Hoo, the power is back on. For how long, who knows? We have had so much fun playing that we are going to continue our movie recreations through Friday. Stop back and see what is new. Tomorrow, we plan on a Star Wars festival.

Candid Carrie

Do you have enough pictures to do a "minkee a day" 2009 calendar? I will order one right now. I'll prepay right now.

Today's pictures were a riot, one funnier than the next. It is the kind of funny that makes you ache from laughing too hard.


There isn't a minkee a day calendar, however there will be a Two Knit Monkeys wall calendar in November.....

Mama Dawg

Oh, good grief.....I'm not supposed to literally laugh out loud at work anymore. People start to look at me strange.

The 2001 was my fav...and broke back monkey.


How about Matrix monkeys? Little trenchcoats and bullet dodging can't lose

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