Guitar Graveyard

We recently had to relocate all of the items in the apartment in order to get new carpet.  It was pretty hard for us to carry, we are tiny, but we helped out and ordered Jen and Brian around while they took care of all of the moving.  Slowly, but surely, the apartment is coming back together with a few changes.  Today, Jen brought in all of the guitars.  There is an electric one, a classical one, a Tachamini (which rocks) and a bass.  We decided to give her a break for a bit and do some playing.  We are thinking about forming a band.....

Guillermo decided to play the Tachamini.  Great sound, but with no actual fingers to create the chords, it was a challenge.  He ended up trying to play with his butt and slide down the strings.  Good thing Brian isn't here to see his beloved Tach violated by a monkey ass!
I rocked out on the electric!  I felt like Jimmy Hendrix playing Purple Haze & Foxy Lady on stage.  Guillermo even danced like Garth!  It was awesome.  I employed the scarf method in order to get the chords.  You really only need to know 3 chords to be in a rock band.  At least for some (Nirvana comes to mind as one of them)
After we were done playing, we decided to take a break.  It takes a lot of energy to play, especially for a monkey.  It was cool, one of the cases had a little monkey sized table for us to put our drinks.  JEEEENNNN, CAN WE HAVE DRINKS?!?
So, ladies would you like to join us in the case whirlpool?  We're going to fill it in a bit.  We need to come up with some band names.... How about: Crisco Jesus; Bad Bananas; Guillermo and the Stooges; Audible Gass.....  What would you name our band?


Mama Dawg

I like Audible Gass! Totally fits.

Hey, Jen, can you drop me an e-mail at twodogsrunningsouth@yahoo.com? I have a favor to ask (beneficial to you and no money involved...don't worry!).



My vote is for Audible Gass, too. When do the t-shirts go on sale??

Mama Dawg

Oh, I'd totally buy a tee. Esp if it had a pic of B and G on it!


I just found you and am loving your blog. I want a minkee now. My mom and I have always been fans of minkees, I thought we were the only people that called them that. Yay.

Also, totally love the middle school teacher humor - from one teacher to another :)


So far it sounds like audible gass is a keeper. (do you like the extra s?) But what would look good on a tee? Just a random monkey butt with guitar in the background? hmmmmm.

Lindz- Thanks for visiting. I do have that 7th grade boy mentatlity some days.

K & E

My uncle's *ack is ready!!???


Ha! Guitars violated by monkey ass. I love it.

Weather Moose


I love the idea of a T-shirt. The two "ss" make it cool. Though they will need a drummer. You know some one to keep the beat.Because not even G-man could have that much gas. Could he???


Best part of playing with the guitars....finding the invoice from the Professor in the Tack case. Oh, yeah and your answering machine telling you your uncles*ach is ready. How did the Professor know?


How about, "Hey, Hey We're the Monkees!" for the theme song?

As for the band name...what about,

"Hanging Around"

"Monkee See - Monkee Do"

"Monkeyin' Around"

and I'll stop now and go back to my own blog:-)

Candid Carrie

I'm just a minkee in a rock and roll band ...


I like all the names you thought of...I have no clever names for you...First thing that came to my mind was Knit Fits. Not good...


OOOOHHHHH, knit fits. I like the play on misfits. Did you notice they are (except one) rip offs of other band names?

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