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This week we return with our Sunday Special Segment Series: Monkey Q & A. Remember, each week we will answer your questions. So with that said, do you have any questions you are dying to know the answers to? Ask us your questions and we will give you the best answers we can. Remember, we are monkeys.

Cyclingred asked:

I love you guys. Could you come to my house and visit? I will take you for a bikeride.

G-Mo: We don't like to venture too far from home, but the bike ride sounds interesting. However earlier this year I was minkynapped, so maybe that isn't a good idea.

B-Man: Well, the Ragbri is ending here in the QCA, if you are there we would maybe like to go for a ride. We need permission though, and Jen doesn't let us go too far. I think she's a little too protective at times.

Mama Dawg asked:
What is the meaning of life?

G-Mo: The meaning of life is a 1983 movie starring John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Michael Palin and Grahm Chapman. Funny movie. I think we need to watch it again.

B-Man: If you are asking about our place in the cosmos it depends on whose logic you follow. A man named (and no I am not kidding) David Seaman wrote a book on The Real Meaning Of Life after doing a lot of research. Check that out if you want answers. I'm just a monkey. The meaning of life for me is fun, adventures, banans, and watching belly dancing videos with Jen. Its good to be a monkey. Maybe if I ask nice enough I will get a head scratch or two. Where did Brian go........

G-mo: Did I hear head scratches? JEN!!!! I need you.....

Judy Haley said...
If a pig has his voicebox removed, would that make him disgruntled?

Collective answer: Well, we are members of PETA and don't really know how to answer that in a PC way. But, we also live very close to the hog capital of the world and have been forced to smell what comes out of their posterior (way worse than Guillermo!) and we think no matter what they would be disgruntled. Wouldn't you be if you lived in a sty?

Romi asked:

Are those "real" monkeys?

Collective answer: We are as real as you make us. (So, yes we are real monkeys.) We do all the things big monkeys do, just without the poo flinging.

Christie asked a two part question for this weeks segment:

Dear Knit Monkeys,
I was just wondering...what do you eat? And do you wear Pajamas to bed?

B-Man: I like to eat banans and peanuts. Whatever Jen or Brian cooks for dinner is good too. Nothing greasy that can stain my little monkey fur though.
G-Mo: I like to eat string cheese. This one time I tried saurkraut I kinda liked it, but it did weird things to me, like knock me out! As for the pajama question we wear don't wear pjs to bed, but we do wear nightcaps. Keeps our heads warm on those cold nights.
You have a question, we have an answer. As always, you can ask your question by leaving us a comment or by e-mailing jen72175@gmail.com We will let you know when you will be featured in our series via e-mail (hopefully a couple days before) and add a link to your site when posted. We will try to answer as many questions as possible, but may not be able to get to everyone.



It just can't be overstated, what adorable little minkees you are.


I am sorry that you won't come for a visit. But I did ride the RAGBRAI one year. I think that was even before you were a little monkey gleam in someone's eye.


lori: Of course we're adorable, have you seen us?

cyclingred: Very cool. We're glad we don't have to explain RAGBRAI. Maybe if we run away, we'll head up to your place. A bike ride still sounds like fun!


Guillermo and Bernardo,
Any luck with the lady minkees? They must be elusive 'round those parts. Any by "parts" I mean....your little minkee harbles.


Love the photo of the "night caps" SO CUTE!
Thanks for answering my questions. I'll have to think up a real doozie for next time!


n: what are harbles? Funny either way.

Christie: FYI, we do wear those to bed. We sleep in the headboard and don't like to be woken up by light or the occassional earthquake. And keep those questions coming. We are filled with tons of minkee wisdom.


So, what celebrity monkeys do you have a crush on?

Mama Dawg

What is your favorite color?

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