Look what we found 2.0

Sequence of events.....  We went looking through the fridge for something interesting to try and boy did we find a doosey!  Jen loves this stuff, so it can't be that bad, right?!?  She puts it on sandwiches, pizza, veggie corn dogs, etc...  Although, I don't understand veggie corn dogs anyway!  

Rock, paper, scissors later, I lose and have to give it a try.  I put the fork in, give a big whiff and go for it....

So, that happened....  It knocked my socks of, literally!  I had no idea it was fermented and chock full of tangy goodness.  Only problem.... I JUST WOKE UP!!!

This noxiously delightful creation put the G-man out of action for over a day!  Apparently, every time I came to, I had nasty farts that knocked me out all over again.  I just woke up on the sun porch ready to go for the evening....  I am rested and up for anything....  I wonder where Bernardo is?


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