What on Earth???

Yesterday, it was 82 degrees outside.  Today, 59!!!  What is going on with the weather?!?  Did a meteorite hit Earth?  Are we entering the next ice age???  Is Guillermo's vow to quit farting effecting global warming?  What is going on???  What's worse, Jen's been gone for over 10 hours so she can't answer our questions!!!  Too many long hours for her lately!  She needs some good quality minkey time! (Only ten more days of work for her this school year.  Then she is ours for the summer!)  Since we had the whole day to ourselves, we turned on the Weather Channel and saw that a cold front came through.  Good thing, we thought the worst was coming our way!

Now, on to tonight's festivities!  Hell's kitchen is on with our favorite chef Corey!  That cute, cuddly, chef De Jour Corey.  I wonder what she would cook for a festive little minkey like me!!!  I don't know what I'll do if she gets voted off!!!  Guillermo votes her to stay all the way!!!  Corey, Corey, Corey!!!  I have a new mantra...  Where's my mala?


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