Chillin like villins

What better way to spend a three day weekend than hanging out and enjoying the weather.  At least until the big storm hit last night.  What a doosey!  However, this weekend was all about having fun and relaxing.  We channeled our inner minkee and swung around the sun porch and the apartment.  We hooted like minkees and scared the next door neighbors dog!  (which is a good thing, she never stops barking when she's outside.)  We also laid out so I can work on becoming even more mocha brown.  There was even a few rounds of our favorite minkee games like Scrabble, Twister, Zombies and the all time best game ever; Barrel of Monkeys!   All in all a pretty good weekend.  I wonder what Jen and Brian did?



Jen and Brian were shopping at Home Depot and were trying to find an air purifier that would take care of your minkey farts ;)

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