O.K. We're Better...

Jen explained that the thing in the basket was a prototype for the two of us.  She apparently tried out a number of sizes before she came up with the perfect minkey size. Which is good, we are so cute and cuddly this size I can't imagine being THAT BIG!  She apologized several times, she forgot that she hadn't gotten rid of it.  I took it upon myself to destroy it.  So, I  farted on it for good measure, then Bernardo and I tried to rip it to shreds.  However, NO opposable thumbs made that pretty hard, so Jen took the scissors to it and it is now destroyed.  Whew!  Glad that is over.  I was a scared little minkee for a while.  By the way, sorry I farted on your pillows Jen.   You might want to throw the cases in the wash along with your favorite comfy pants.  Sorry, its what minkees do when they are upset.  Love you.....



I think Jen is very happy that she didn't give you any teeth. It would enhance your smile factor but you would be very destructive and shred anything you don't like.

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