Friday Foto Finish Fiesta

This is by far one on my favorite fotos of these two little guys... You just look at them and picture giggles and rooting through sock drawers....



This is too funny and too cute!

Laura Harris

Can I have one too?

Lex the mom

Sock monkeys rock! I have been around before & the adventures are funny! I, too, can imagine the giggles with socks on heads & such. Especially the funky socks with toes.


OOOOHHHH, I haven't thought about socks with toes.... I think I need to go shopping!!!


It takes a real MANkey to wear women's socks on the Internet Highway!

You must be so proud!


Hi Jen & Thanks for stopping in my blog. I have to admit I have read some of your posts before but never commented ... oh the shame I feel now! Loved your foto and it reminds me of the timed my kids had to play in the tupperware cabinet. Have a great weekend!

Sunshine Buzo

That is adorable. Man, those monkeys are buuuuuusyyy! ;D

I shall be back.

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