Suds and Bubbles Day!

Well, its that time of the week my friends.  Our favorite day of the week, suds and bubbles day!!!  Here we are getting ready for our bath.  We don't want to be obscene and show you the actual event because we have to get naked.  While we enjoy being naked, Jen says we don't need to flaunt our bare selves on the internet.  There are enough photos of naked monkeys without the two of us showing ourselves off.

We just want our faithful readers to know that we do take our minkee hygiene very seriously!  No filthy minkees in this household.  Lots of suds and bubbles followed by careful grooming.  We also do our grooming in the other room away from Brian and Jen.  It is our minkee private time when we make ourselves clean and presentable to the public.  After suds and bubbles tonight, we are going to watch some t.v. and then adjourn to our luxury accommodations for the night.  Minkees out!



Okay...I am so the green eyed monster right now. Those monkeys rock. If you have a pattern that you would share, I would be all smiles...or even if you could tell me where you got yours. I am looking forward to reading the back log of these super rockin' monkeys.


Google: Mr. Dangly Monkey pattern. I got mine from Cakeyvoice. There are a few mistakes in the pattern, but a serious knitter can figure it out. Good luck!

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