Helping out...

It was a nice, warm, Midwestern day so we decided to be helpful little monkeys and volunteered to help hang the laundry outside.  It was very hard trying to hold onto the sheets, climb up the pole, scale along the wire, and then finally use these multipurpose clothes pins!  It took a while to get the sheets done, but we did it all by ourselves.  I hope it doesn't matter that we accidentally dropped them a few times (once in a mud puddle)!  We love to help out around the house!  When we were done, there were some clothes pins left, so of course we have to play with them.  The only problem is, once we got these on, we couldn't manage to get them off!  I think it would be helpful to have opposable thumbs.  Jen, get on that and when we need replacement parts, maybe then we will then be able to grip things!  Although, if it effects our cuteness quotient our answer is "NO..... NO..."



I am surprised at the lack of clothes pins on noses, to block the stench from G-man's back door! Or is that another post forthcoming????

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