A Little Help Please, Again!

O.K.  Jen was almost two hours late coming home from work, she 'claims' she was helping work on a big PowerPoint for work.   Whatever, we needed to get down to minkey business and start playing!  So, we got into the hair tie basket in the bathroom and started fighting over them.  Well, that just lead to more fighting and now we are stuck!!! And yes, that is my tail wrapped in there too.  This is very uncomfortable.  She came in the house and you know what she did?!? She looked at us, walked past and left us sitting on the couch bound together.  What a butt head!!!  I can't believe she just left us there!!!  Now we have to wait for Brian to come home and help us out.  I hope he gets here soon.....



It is called co-parenting! Jen and Brian must learn to work together.

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