Hey all! In case you didn't know, Brian has a niece and nephew spending the summer in India! Some tourism + yoga training. They got a LOT of shots before they left, but apparently were takin' down by some JACKFRUIT. Major bummer, but we think they'll be on their feet in no time. We decided to try some jackfruit as a tribute...all we could find was canned, but that's OK.
Bernardo decided to give it a go (smelled good to ME!) and he enjoyed it, but was felled only an hour or so later by some cramps. Poor guy! But he was back on his feet fairly quickly, and minkee shananagins were on once again. More power to Evan and Kelly!



I think I saw you two damn minkees running around outside our bungalow yesterday! How do you do it, eating the poison jackfruit and so soon afterwards climbing the house, out of sight of my camera, raising your tail to give me the "evil-eye"?!!


Were cheeky that way I guess!


Is that a MONKEY skull and crossbones?

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