It's good to be a minkey!

A beautiful Friday! What else to do but play, play, play (though Brian did mention something about helping with the yardwork, but he can't be serious!?). We played Hide and Seek (if you look closely, you might find us in the second picture). Then we climbed on some minkey-bars. Yeah, we know: they don't LOOK like minkey-bars, but minkey+climbing=minkey-bars, got it! Glad we have that settled. Then we took a leisurely nap in the sun.

All in all, a good day to be a minkey, but then again, isn't every day?!

PS. Gee-Unit says to remind everyone to send in their photo captions (see last post).

Bernardo, over and out.



Oh, how I wish I was home to play with you guys!


This blog is just too ridiculously cute. Love it.

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