Dutch Oven

OMG!  When reading the May publication for the Radish, one of our free local healthy living magazines, they were advertising A DUTCH OVEN COOK OFF!!!!!  I didn't know you could cook via Dutch Oven!!!  Now I have an excuse to fart in bed even more!!! I wonder what I can cook under there! My day is getting better and better.

By the way, check out our cuteness!!!  Jen left out a shirt and we turned it into fun and games.  Brian is always telling her to put her things away (she is a bit messy!) so we thought we would teach her a lesson about why she should pick up after herself.  I have been practicing that Dutch Oven thing in here all day.  She isn't going to get this minky stink out of this shirt for four washes!!!  I think I better stop soon, Bernardo looks a little green!  Guillermo out!



I must say your cuteness level has been elevated to maximum status.

Question, why just a dutch oven ... couldn't it be double dutch?


Guillermo is the farty one. Bernardo won't resort to such antics unless severely provoked!


Don't let yourself be fooled.

Word on the street is that they are farty-one and fart-two respectively, they jut don't look it.

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