Tag We're It!

So, we have been tagged!  Since there are two minkeys and a human who do most of the posting we thought it only appropriate to have six fun filled facts that you may not know about all of us...  We will see if Brian wants to add anything when he gets home, but we'll leave the choice up to him...

1.  If someone says hammertime, I have to do the hammertime dance.  It's kind of like Cartman having to sing the entire song "Come Sail Away" when someone sings a lyric.  It is quite annoying, but minkeys love to dance.

2.  My head had to recreated because I got some of Jen's blush on my nose and it wouldn't come off, even after ten suds and bubbles.  I was too embarrassed to be photographed, so I had Jen make me a new head.

3.  When Jen and Brian are both gone, I fart on their pillows... I am a monkey, don't question or judge!

4.  My favorite chef on Hell's Kitchen is Corey.  I could get pretty cuddly with her if you know what I mean...

5.  My favorite game to play is cute shark.  It is where I crawl around on the ground and chase Jen, Brian and Bernardo while being extremely cute.  Only problem.... My butt wiggles too much!

6.  Gordon Ramsey is my idol,  now "Piss off you stupid donkey!"  (that's what he says, so I can say it too!!!)

1.   While Jen is at work, I play with her beads........  All of the beads, not this little pile!!!

2.  I may be festive, wear a rainbow scarf and am 'gay', but I am not that 'gay'.  B-man loves the ladies.
3.  I am allergic to bananas!  Fortunately, I don't eat them... just wear them!

4.  I would cuddle Kate from Lost like she's never been cuddled before!!!  She is hot!!! Plus, she is traversing the jungle....  guess where I am from... the jungle!  Maybe we can run into one another!!!

5.  My favorite superheros are: Captain Coconauts, Iron Man and Hellboy!  

6.  I left a present in Jen's beads..... If you know what I mean!


1. I know for a fact that there is more than one way to skin a cat!  Sorry cat lovers (Carrie) I took Anatomy and Physiology in college and that was a requirement.  I was in a group with three men, I was the only one willing to attempt the skinning.  It was quite interesting to perform it, and there is defiantly more than one way, but I don't want to gross you out too much...

2.  I sang in a back up choir for none other than "The Gambler" at the Mark of the Quad Cities presentation of: A Kenny Roger's Christmas.  Yes ladies and gentlemen I got to meet the gambler himself (he smelled like chicken, weird huh), had my picture taken and sang two songs in a backup choir.  

3.  I was banned from an adult bookstore for three months! They took my photo and posted it!   Always remember kids.... A six foot inflatable penis when hit with your fist, may fall back but comes back up with lightening speed.  If you are curious, click for more details.

4.  I don't like chocolate.  Sorry, just don't like it.  However, you put Skittles or Jelly Beans in front of me and they are gone in seconds.

5.  I make jewelry and malas as a 'side business'.  Malas are Tibetan prayer beads.

6.  I have recently begun and am now addicted to my sinus rinse.  I love to gross out people and give them details about how to use it!  Especially Tom at work!



Jen, you are so funny and talented and hilarious and I can't even see anymore because my eyes are squeezed shut so tight that they can't open. Promise you will remember when you are being interviewed by Matt Lauer on the today show and he is talking about how much their children enjoy their coffee table book, "Two Knit Monkeys."

Love, Carrie


Jen, what's with the new head?


Since the monkeys are knit, I occassionally have to replace a body part. Both Guillermo and Bernardo have been totally recreated. They will be recreated again I am sure. They are getting a bit pilly. Bernardo thinks he's growing a fro!


No, YOUR new headshot! That's not the fish eye shot of yourself you had on the first one! ha ha

Even when you are serious you are a riot. Please move to my zip code so I can spy on you easier ;)

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