Getting Ready to get Lost

We decided we needed to settle down a bit before Lost starts, so we practiced part of the Ashtanga Primary Series.  Bernardo is doing Upavistha Konasana or wide angled seated forward bend.  That is one of Jen's all time favorites.  Brian just rolls his eyes jealously when she plops down the the floor with ease.  Her butt sticks up just like Bernardos too!!  I am doing  hanumanasana or monkey pose!  They named a pose after monkeys!!! OMG that is awesome!!!  Brain has been practicing this one for a while and just two days ago made it on both sides.  It was pretty freaking awesome!!!!  Now, we are just waiting for Lost to start and find out how our cutie pie Kate is doing....  We still hope to run across her in the jungle and cuddle attack her.  She won't know what hit her!!!   Well, we are off to make popcorn and watch the show.  More posts tomorrow...  Monkeys out!



Nothing like the ambiance of a dimly lit room coupled with minkee gas!

Makes that island they are on seem like a slice of heaven.

Drowsey Monkey

OMG - too funny. I love this ... the adventures of 2 knit monkeys! LOL

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