Field Trip 2.0

Well, Brian is a fuddy duddy!  He wouldn't let us come to yoga with him and he said I can't work on my Iron Man outfit because I might damage myself with the scissors!!  So instead we thought we would give you some more pics from our fun filled field trip to Jen's school. (nice alliteration, huh!)  This is B-man and I playing on the pencil sharpener.  He tried to convince me to put my tail in there and he would sharpen it for me, but I said "No...No...".  He would have unraveled me!!! Does he want to be a solo minkey?!?
Next, we played hide and seek and I found the best hiding place.  B-man didn't find me for almost an hour.  It was a good thing he found me when he did, it was getting pretty stinky in there.... I wonder why.....

Lastly, we decided to put the libraries copy machine to good use.  It made our butts nice and toasty warm.  Unfortunately, Jen found us and threw away the copy before we could post it.  She didn't think people would really be interested in looking at monkey butts on the internet.  I know I would find it interesting!


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