Minkee Flowers

What would Jen like better than coming home to a bunch of flowers in these vases?  Minkee Flowers A.K.A. B-unit and G-man sittin pretty in these lovely bamboo vases!  We look sooooo cute in here, don't we.  Only problem.... The G-man is stuck, I repeat, the G-man is stuck!  HELP!!!  This vase is tooo small!

O.K. Bernardo was nice enough to trade vases with me (and look, he's too fat to fit in his vase.  He has to sit on top!).  Only problem... This one is too big!!!  (Does this sound familiar?  Sounds like a bedtime story...)  I fell right in and am stuck all over again!  Maybe Jen will help me out.  However, if I do say so myself, I look awfully cute in here.  I think I'm good until the Bri-Guy gets here.  Maybe he will bring home some real flowers!!!


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