Look what we found!!!!

It is amazing what you can find with a little diggin through the cupboards. B-man had the great idea of putting these on our heads. He says he feels like king tut in his hat. Well that just cracked me up because tut sounds like 'toot' which is one of the things minkeys love to do (especially this minkey)!!! After a while, I decided I would try to do a headstand with my cool new hat on. It was tricky getting up there. Bernardo sat back and watched, he was too chicken to try... BAWK, BAWK Bernardo, BAWK, BAWK!!! Now, here is where the problem lies. With this thing on my head, I couldn't get back down from my headstand and I had to do A LOT of apologizing to get some help from you know who. After much pleading and tooting in fear, Bernardo helped me down and we continued to play. I took off my hat and turned it into a megaphone and jumpped up on B-man's hat and had some fun. I was shouting orders to Jen, like "keep on dusting", "that mirror isn't going to clean itself" and "you missed a spot". She looked a bit irritated with me, but she just left us alone. I think she said something under her breath about some new dust rag she could use, and was wondering how yarn could help pick up dust. I don't know what she was talking about?!? Unfortunatley, I had an accidental toot (or five) on Bernardo's head and the fun and games were over. Oh, well... I am sure we can find something else to play with.... I wonder what's in the fridge?



Mink One and Mink Two --

Are those styrofoam? I thought you two were green monkeys, didn't you learn anything from Jen about the environment during her Earth Day lecture?

You need to take the short bus back to school ;)

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