Take a Memo!

Bernardo here...  Wow, Jen has been soooo busy this week with work, she hasn't had enough time to play with us :()  So, we are reaching out to give her a hand and are starting a 'Caption This' segment to the blog.  We need your help in creating our adventures.  Unfortunately, Jen made us with tiny knit hands and we are unable to type for ourselves.  We are taking suggestions for this photo until May 21st at midnight (however we will still be a bloging from time to time as well).  The winner will have their caption on this post and we may even include an autographed, yes I repeat autographed photo of these two handsome fellas.  So start the creative juices flowing... No, not you Guillermo.... Man, he farted.....:(  Stinky Minkey!



"Too bad Jen didn't bother knitting opposible thumbs."


"Well, spin me around and call me a ceiling fan."


"I told you we should have just written the note on the mirror with Jen's lipstick. Now we just look dumb."


"Brian did this so stuff would quit going in one ear and out the other. If you think this is funny, you should see what he did to Jen!"


"We need a vacation, we've got paper work coming out of our ears."

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