Happy Mother's Day!!!

Since Brian and Jen don't have any kids yet, and technically Jen did create us, we thought it would be nice and write Jen a poem or two for mother's day.  We can be so mischievous and time consuming we also decide to be good little minkeys and give her the day off.  (But not Brian!!!  We may sneak attack him again today!)  Anyway, here is our first poem:

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
Jen's Super Awesome
She taught us not to fling poo!

We will try to write another one today, but we are going to take a break to play for a while.  By the way, check out our hats!  We stole them from Brian's sock drawer!!! Minkeys out!



I had to catch up on the minkeys and boy those two are up to no good. Hilarious poem! You guys are too funny


Roses are red

Violets are blue

Jen's our hot mama

Love, The B and G-moo


The minkeys approve... Posting later... Guillermo found a poncho to wear in the jungle.... He's an odd little minkey.

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