Tomorrow it is take your knit animals to work day (at least for Jen and Cara it is!)  We are looking forward to some scholarly adventures and I hear there may be a field trip in the works....  What can two knit monkeys and a dog do on a field trip?  Let's see where tomorrow's festivities take us!!!  It is going to be awesome!!!

By the way, we just recently graduated from minkey charm school, so we will be on our best minkey behaviors.  I hope Foster the dog doesn't turn us to the dark side and get us in trouble!



Nice to meet you, empathize with your blog.
Linked to please you and



Just remember this basic rule:

All dogs are strangers, be sure to get the owner's permission before you approach Foster. That, and dogs sometimes sniff your private regions. Just so you know ahead of time.

It is a good thing that Jen is going to chaperone the field trip because I think she tries harder to keep track of you two. I think Brian may be sort of an instigator. Don't tell Jen because I think she likes Brian and I don't want her feelings to get hurt.

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