For those of you non-sanskrit speakers 'teabagasana' translates to tea bag pose.  We invented it this morning by stealing, I mean 'barrowing' the tea bags Jen was using to make some Ice-T.   When she saw us, she must have been very impressed because she was speechless!!!  However she did come back a few minutes later and took them off our heads because they could stain our precious monkey yarn!!!  She later said that when Brian gets home from yoga, he can explain to us what tea-bagging is and why we shouldn't put theses on our heads again.  She can be such a fuddy-duddy sometimes!



Please let that be caffeine-free tea!


I shudder to think of the innocent little monkeys learning about "tea-bagging" and where that might take their imaginations....... I believe you may have to up the parental warning on your blog if you would post pics of that! :)


LMFAO I never, ever thought I'd see a knit blog (especially with two funky wild monkeys on it) refer to "tea bagging" - LMAO

Thanks for a late night giggle!


Good LORD you are mischevious little buggers aren't you??

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