Spare Body Parts

Jen!!!!!  What did we say about making new animals!!!  We are the only ones you need, do you hear us.  We had to poke it with a stick to make sure it wasn't going to get up and walk around the room.  Don't want that happening again!  

Once we decided it was OK, we decided to put that leg to good use, as a punching bag!  We want you to know your place it this house you blue freak!  And, we need our daily exercise to keep out cute little figures.
Bernardo went all Kung Fu minkee on that thing.  I thought he was going to break it.  That's right newbie, you don't want to stay around here, got it!
After our workout, I decided to use it as my karaoke microphone.  I sang all of my favorite songs.  I don't know why Jen and Bernardo left.  Their loss.  'I'm not a girl, just a monkey...'  I love that Britney Spears.  What ever happened to her?  Who knows, I just love singing her songs.  'Oops I farted again, its burning your eyes, I'll go it again.....'
Hey Jen, what is this thing going to be?  A girl, did you say a girl!  OMG, I am so sorry.  I just beat up a girl!  Maybe if I primp myself up and take an extra suds and bubbles, do you think she'll like me?!  What, we're not keeping her?  But I want a girlfriend.  No, there won't be any baby knit monkeys running around.  I'm not anatomically correct, you should know you made me!  Yes I am mature enough to handle it.  FINE, mail her off, I'm saving myself for Cory anyway!  'Don't you wish your monkey was hot like me, don't you wish your monkey was a freak like me, Don'tcha......'



BABY KNIT MONKEYS? I want a baby knit monkey!! Please will you make me a baby knit monkey, Jen?

Mama Dawg

Oh, I'd pay for a baby knit monkey. Especially if it looked like Bernardo.

Candid Carrie

That's right, you didn't make knit doodles on the boys, did you? At least my Ken doll had a plastic molded "hump spot" ... not the Ken from the theatre.


I thought it might be inappropriate to have minkees with real doodles. They pretend that their tails are their doodles. Guillermo tries to get his in every picture sometimes!


I feel sad for your knit monkeys, they get so easily attached...


Thank you for making me laugh today. I love your blog and the minkees..monkeys..whatever...they are adorable.

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