Friday Foto Finish Fiesta 7.11

Jen here. For this weeks Friday Foto Finish Fiesta, hosted by Candid Carrie, I chose this series.

This is one of my favorite fotos of all time because this time, my husband got me. If you have ever read this blog before you know that my husband likes to put my two little minkees into all sorts of funny places/poses/etc. Well, this day he got me. I went downstairs to make breakfast, and came up and couldn't find the monkeys. I saw this on the couch, but didn't put two and two together.
In case you don't see what I am talking about, look below ( I staged this one)
I looked everywhere! Out on the sun porch, In the bedroom, bathroom, under the bed, in my beads, in the yarn basket, behind the fish tank, In the sock drawer, On the computer desk, In Brian's sock drawer, closet, in the cabinet, BEHIND the pillows, everywhere! I even had to go find Brian and ask him where they were, and I couldn't find him either. I then went back into the living room and discovered where they were. Inside the pillow cases. I then laughed so hard at myself I had tears rolling down my face. Yes ladies and gentlemen I laughed so hard I cried. When the hubby came upstairs he figured I was having some female emotional issue and didn't ask me about it. In fact, his reading this later today will be his first experience with the whole story and I am expecting a "dumb ass" comment to follow. What, I think I hear him coming.....


Candid Carrie

Jen, there is no level to describe how much fun I have looking at these pictures!

As always, thanks for playing ;)




That is great! What a fun house you have.


We try hard to spice it up from time to time!


That is too funny!
Found you on Candid Carrie.

Judy Haley

naughty monkeys hiding inside the pillow


Funny! Thanks for visiting my blog :)


oh - your house sounds like fun!!

Found you through Candid Carrie


That is so funny!!


Well, we try very hard to keep it upbeat. Keep on stopping by, theres always something new to check out!


I love the fact that you looked BEHIND the pillow. Your hubby sounds fun!


Very funny! Sounds like you & hubby have lots of fun messing with eachother.
That's the way to keep things interesting.
:) Debi


I love these little monkeys!! I need to get one for my daughter. LOL! Too funny!


HAHAHA ROFLMAO!!! good one


Too funny....

If my son were in your house....you would never find your monkeys...there seems to be a black hole with things where he is concerned. Wonder if your husband started out that way.....


Fun stuff!

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