Scavenger Hunt Revield

I hope you had fun and enjoyed the field trip this past weekend.  And thank you all for cleaning up and recycling your beverage containers!  I had nothing to auction on e-bay :()

The winners are:  Rachel & Lori

Scavenger hunt answers:
  1. What does Jen do for a living?  Middle School Teacher & avid blogger
  2. How did Bernardo come to stay with us?  He was a present for the infamous nephew and got to attached and decided to stay.
  3. Who is Guillermo’s favorite character on Lost?  Kate, of course!
  4. What animal & it’s name did Guillermo and Bernardo meet on one of their field trips?  Foster the Dog
  5. What food did Bernardo eat that made him get sick?  Jackfruit
  6. What food did Guillermo eat that made him get sick?  Saurkraut, Deviled Eggs, Hot German Potato Salad, Corn Beef and Cabbage (only need 1 correct)
  7. What holiday did Guillermo overindulge on drinking and got sick?  St. Patty's Day.  He even passed out wearing his cape and evil overlord ears.
  8. What laundry item do the boyz like to wear on their heads?  Socks
  9. Name the 2 books the boyz have been caught reading?  Bunny Big and Bunny Small & The return of Bunny Suicides.  (also accepted Walt Disney)
  10. Name Guillermo’s favorite chef on Hell’s Kitchen.   Chef Cory, MEOW!!!
  11. What grew when Bernardo and Guillermo planted Jelly Beans?  Gummy Worm Tree
  12. What do the monkeys call their weekly baths?  Suds and Bubbles
  13. What date and post do you get to see the rare glimpse of Jen as an Andy Warhol photo?  5/19/08 ~ Tag We're It!
  14. On that same post, what famous person did Jen sing with AND what did he smell like?  Kenny Rogers smelled like Chicken
  15. Name the super heroes both Bernardo & Guillermo portray. AND Who is the villain?  B-Man ~ Captain Coconauts; G-Mo ~ Captain Bananas; and The Evil Overlord
Bonus entry question:

When Guillermo dances, He dances like He's at burning man (also accepted: MC Hammer.  He does both)!

Hey Cory, I got dressed up for you... Do you need help in the kitchen?  I am a good little chef.....  I know there are strict rules about primates in the kitchen, but you could make an exception for me....  Cory, please.  I am a very helpful minkee!!!


Candid Carrie

Jen721, Ugh ... do you know how hard it was not to play along! I knew all the answers including the secret secret bonus that Jen's Andy Warhol picture was not the original picture she put up there!

So does that make me gifted or a stalker, you are the middle school teacher ... tell me!

Don't tell. I already know. (me walking away in mock shame). It is someone that needs to get a life, right?



awards, prizes, your blog is like christmas for me!


Carrie- It makes you both gifted and a stalker. Are you sure you didn't sell those answers!

Rachel- Thanks for playing, let me know what you choose.

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