Friday Foto Finish Fiesta 7.25

I bought some Lia Sophia jewelry during this past school year.  This is the box that it came in.  This is not how the box looked when i purchased the jewelry however.
This is one of my favorites because I never realized how quickly my husband can destroy something and put in on a monkey without me seeing or hearing him.  Example, this particular day he asked me to go out into the kitchen and grab something.  OK, 15 feet there, open fridge, 15 feet back, complete straight face sitting next to G-mo whose head stuck in the box.  I like the tiara effect myself.  I got me one creative husband.



BWAAHAAA. Man, can you guys BE any funner (yes, I know that is not a word)?


LOL I am loving the tiara too!!!


What a muse you have!

Judy Haley (coffeejitters)

Panic earthlings, we come to harm you

kinda looked like an intergalactic helmet to me

This Mom

It least Brian is using his talent for GOOD. Imagine the trouble he could cause if he was on the DArK side.

This Mom

It least Brian is using his talent for GOOD. Imagine the trouble he could cause if he was on the DArK side.


OMG! This is the freaking funniest thing EVER! Tiara for G-man. Or, space helmet.


Your husband cracks me up! The monkey looks very dashing in his crown!


Clever little husband, destroying things in cute ways.



Beautiful accessorizing

Lex the mom

I'm thinking space helmet, too. Your hub is creative! Guillermo looks hysterical! Great pic!

Happy Firday!


You sure he didn't try and blow it up?

I love it. You guys are really creative.


Funny but twisted at the same time- I love it. So, you and your husband go around and think up of new ways to dress up your "monkies"? I am chuckling as I type.....


Your husband sounds funny -- looks like something from star wars -- This is my first time doing Friday Foto Finish Fiesta.


Sounds like you guys have a lot of fun together.

Swirl Girl


I love the foam bumpers....just in case!


WOW He's very creative!!


Are you sure it's safe to leave him and the mimkey's home ALONE together? Too cute!


Looks a little like a space alien...You have a super funny husband.


Sometimes I worry about the whole stuffed monkey bit...but then I see a picture like this...okay, I'm still worried! lol!


It's refreshing to see how much fun two adults can have with sock monkeys.

This site is a riot!

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