Welcome all you field trippers!

Howdy All! 
Welcome to Primate Prairie Camp!  

We've pitched a tent to sleep in, Guillermo has gotten out his harmonica to play some old western tunes for you today, and Bernardo put on a pot of his famous baked beans.  So, make yourself at home and stay a while.  If you are lucky, Guillermo will eat some of the famous Bernardo's Baked Beans and harmonize with his harmonica!

If you are here on the field trip you already know the rules. If not, check out Camp Candid Carrie to find out how the field trip works.

We do have new carpet, so make sure to wipe your feet or take off your shoes.  And also, we will be running around on the site today, so make sure to watch where your steppin'.  We're only 12"tall.

Since you are here on a field trip today we've decided to have a scavenger hunt to boot.  Two winners will be chosen at random. Contest will run until 11:00 PM Sunday 7/13/08.

What’s on the line you ask?!? Your choice of:

a) $10.00 Starbucks gift card

b) $10.00 Target gift card

c) 2 monkey key toppers in your choice of pink, purple, blue or grey

d) knit lamb

e) knit octopus

f) Choice of 1 of the necklaces seen here.

And your favorite monkey photo from the site autographed by both Guillermo and Bernardo. You indicate the post photo, and that's it. (The knit animals will take approx. a week.)

Without further ado, here are the questions for today’s festivities, all found somewhere on this blog. Once you find the answers, e-mail them to me at: jen72175@gmail.com AND post a comment below.  Answers will only be accepted once.

Oops, almost forgot!  There are also two ways to get a bonus entry. 
1.) answer the bonus entry question at the bottom .
2.) in the comments, post a question for our Ask A Monkey special segment.  (please put Monkey Q&A at the top of comment.  It can be done at the same time as your entry)
Yes, you can get two bonus entries.

Ready, set, go:

Scavenger hunt questions:
  1. What does Jen do for a living?
  2. How did Bernardo come to stay with us?
  3. Who is Guillermo’s favorite character on Lost?
  4. What animal & it’s name did Guillermo and Bernardo meet on one of their field trips?
  5. What food did Bernardo eat that made him get sick?
  6. What food did Guillermo eat that made him get sick?
  7. What holiday did Guillermo overindulge on drinking and got sick?
  8. What laundry item do the boyz like to wear on their heads?
  9. Name the 2 books the boyz have been caught reading?
  10. Name Guillermo’s favorite chef on Hell’s Kitchen.
  11. What grew when Bernardo and Guillermo planted Jelly Beans?
  12. What do the monkeys call their weekly baths?
  13. What date and post do you get to see the rare glimpse of Jen as an Andy Warhol photo?
  14. On that same post, what famous person did Jen sing with AND what did he smell like?
  15. Name the super heroes both Bernardo & Guillermo portray. AND Who is the villain?
Bonus entry question:

When Guillermo dances, He dances like _______________!

We will take entries until 11:00 PM CST Sunday 7/13/08

Winners will be chosen at random and will be contacted via e-mail when you can choose your prize. Questions and answers will be revealed Monday morning as well as the winners.

Happy Hunting!


Candid Carrie

Hi Jen, It is 7:19 a.m. in Wisconsin after another very stormy night.

I can't believe I know all these answers without even looking around in the blog. I could maybe even sell the answers, wait that would be unethical! I guess everyone else is worn out from Fx4 and must be still sleeping. Hurry people, wake up!


I'm awake. And I was the first person on the camp bus. I rock.

Love your site. The monkeys are neato.


Good morning all and welcome!

Carrie- Nice to see you as always!

Teri- Congrats on being the first one to get on the bus.


I sent you my answers, it was fun going through your archives!


Monkey Q&A

What was your most dangerous adventure?


Monkey Q&A:

Minkees, what are your earliest memories?

I e-mailed my scavenger hunt answers, I have my heart set on an autographed minkee picture!!


Love your blog!!! I will be back!

Here is my question for

Who do you think will win Next Food Network Star?


Oh boy I love scavanger hunts,this will be so much fun


Moneky Q & A

Boxers or Briefs??

I haven't had an overnighter in years Will there be s'mores???


Thank you for visiting. Does anyone need a drink? Some Iced T or Lemonaide? We aren't allowed to do smores, melty marshmallows on minkee hands not a good thing, but you are more than welcome!


YAY! This is so much fun!


Monkey Q & A!

What is your biggest fear?

Dawn@Embracing the Ordinary Life

Ok...I am WAY to tired to do the scavenger hunt...but I just HAD to tell you how cool I think your blog is...and if I get more energy later...I'll give it a whir...

Candid Carrie

Jen721, I am so pleased to see that everyone is behaving. I would avoid offering beverages after 4:00 p.m. Just a thought!


Thanks for a fun time!


Monkey Q & A

Are there plans for any mini-Minkee's in the future? A son and daughter, twins?

Love this blog!


I just sent you my answers! I'll be back to see if I got any correct! :)

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