Multipurpose Bag

Mmmmmm.  Jen stopped off at the local Subway on her way home from yoga last night to get a veggie sandwich.   She loves those things.  I always ask her for a cucumber to put on my head (on top of a napkin of course), which she forgot.  Way to go butt head!  Um, sorry about the butt head thing.
After she finished eating I went into action playing with the bag.  I decided to turn it into a poncho so I could go outside in the rain.  Yep, it rained here again.  No power outages, thank goodness.  We watched us some Tony Bourdain and Kitchen Nightmares.  I get to cuss when Gordon Ramsay is on the T.V. screen, so I had a blast.  At one point I got a little carried away and there was a threat to wash my mouth out with soap, to which I say no thank you and quieted down.  

The unfortunate part of hanging out in the bag (besides the sound it made every time I moved) was the fact that I created a giant dutch oven.  They made me sleep out on the sunporch all by myself because of 'the smell'.  Well, I'm not doing that again!  I hope they let me sleep in the executive suites tonight.  

"Jeeeeennnnnnnn, I'm sorry I called you a butt head.  Can I play in your sock drawer today?  Pleeeeaaaassssseeeee!"



Do be careful! Don't you know that plastic bags should not be played with?


It's OK. I had adult supervision the whole time. They warned me about the smell once the bag came off. If only I listened!


Love the new look.

I bet you're cute when you cuss.


Uh, oh... I think its time for Suds & Bubbles!

Mama Dawg

I agree with Shannon...time for suds and bubbles.


Lori- Hell yeah, were cute when we cuss. Duh, have you seen us. We're always cute.

Shannon and Mama Dawg- I was forced to take a suds and bubbles twice today. The second time, I got to use Jen's Sephora bubble bath. It was awesome!


I'm just glad it was turned into a poncho, and not a CSI body bag.:-)

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