Going to the beach

Today we headed off to Hawaii for a beach adventure.  It was pretty cool!  The sun was shining, the breeze was blowing, it was wonderful!  We didn't get in the water, just played in the sand.  We made sand angels and everything.
We had to watch our backs though, there were tons of crabs and one of them tried to take Guillermo with them.  We are a bit sandy, but I am sure that tonight's suds and bubbles will easily take care of it!
He better be heading back.  The season finale of Hell's Kitchen is on and Guillermo has to get all gussied up for chef Cory.  Even though she was eliminated, we get to see her cooking again along side of Chrisina.  We are rooting for you Cory.  



Hey guys, why didn't you take us?

Mama Dawg

Where are you guys going next? And did you visit a volcano?


We were kinda on a time crunch, so we didn't go to any volcanos. Maybe next time. Plus, we are kinda afraid of things that could make us burn. We are made of yarn.

Mama Dawg

That's true. I guess the same goes for swimming in the ocean...you know, sharks, barracudas, electric eels, fish...scary things like that.


We would like to go swim in the ocean, but we don't do well with salt water. There are just too many dangerous things out there for a knit monkey to get into!

Candid Carrie

Why didn't you take off your scarves, aren't you afraid of tan lines?


We didn't want one of those crabs to run off with it. It takes a lot of coaxing someon to get a new one.

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