DooWop Twins

Over the weekend, we had a sleepover.  We decided to provide some fun and entertainment, so we donned some yarn wigs, and sang our little heart out.  We sang some classics like It's My Party and I'll Cry if I want to, Sherie Baby, etc.  It was a lot of fun, I think we were a hit with all.  We are even thinking about taking our act on the road.  We'll have to see.  By the way, you can't see it, but G-Mo is wearing a pair of heels too.  He was struttin' his stuff like it was going out of style.  He also seemed a bit too comfy with that yarn wig.  I think he's done this before, it seemed so natural.  He is such a weird little monkey.



Your wigs look so soft and manageable. And Bernardo's is such a lovely banana color.


My dog would have a field day with you guys! Come on over!

Weather Moose


Here is a question that I have been wondering for sometime. Maybe it will offend your sense of propriety. I have searched your site and haven't found the answer.

So here is what may be a politically incorrect question.

Are you guys gender neutral?


Lori- Why thank you for noticing the softness of our yarn wigs. They are fun to play with, and Bernardo loves the banana colored one, its his favorite. (This is Jen's first experience with fancy yarn, Jen like the fancy yarn)

Chris - We don't know about your place. We are afraid of dogs. Don't want to get chewed on. (We secretly run around your site though, when your not looking)

cyclingrad- Nope, we are both boys. The problem is we aren't anatomically correct so we occassionally suffer from gender confusion.....

Mama Dawg

What color heels?

Candid Carrie

I think you two look like Tammy Wynette and Loretta Lynn. Could I see a picture of you two with the yarn wigs and the cowboy hats please?


Love the wigs...and heels? Now you've got to show a pic of that!


Sock Monkey heels - this I gotta see.

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