Laundry Day Awesomeness!!!

Guess what day yesterday was.  LAUNDRY DAY!!!!!
It was awesome.  Jen let us jump right in and play away.  We were there for what felt like hours.  I think she felt guilty because she didn't find us right away yesterday when we were playing hide and go seek.  Either way, we had a great time, especially since we jumped right in while everything was nice and warm.  Jen really rocks sometimes!  (Brian does too, but that was Jen's laundry so we had to give her props)

On a side note, we are looking for some new ideas for adventures.  It could be a place to visit or a random adventure to go on, or fun outfit you would like to see us in.  Whatever.  Drop us  a comment (or e-mail) and give us your ideas.  We aim to please.  Plus, we would like to venture outside of the apartment some time soon.  We love it here, but it can be boring at times.


Mama Dawg

Hula skirts and band-aids.

I don't know why, but those popped into my head.

Do you have cowboy boots?


The library? A Coffee Shop? Clothes shopping? A surfboard shop? Chinese restaurant? Statue climbing at the park? (no water fountains, though!) A trip to the zoo?


Spend a day at school. Going to lunch, library, gym, music and of course the teachers lounge.



I know, COME TO MY HOUSE! If you do I might even consider doing some laundry.

I think you should go to the library and the zoo and do research to find out what sub-species of minkee you're most closely related to.


Run for President and Vice President...and then you can come stay up on my mountain with me...it's kinda scary up here.


Sunday morning yoga class!!

And I second the library suggestion.

E and K

I love it!!!
Jump Back Minkeys- Jump Back!

Candid Carrie

Hold it, Brian and Jen have separate laundry? What is up with that?

And didn't you do hula skirts and band aids already but not together?

I liked it when the minkees went to the bar awhile back and there was scary bartending girl.

I'll try to find tiny cheese hats and they can pretend to be Michael Johns and David Cook. It is my mission and my honor.

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