Golden Monkey

You asked for it folks, photos of the two of us enjoying adult beverages.  This particular one is a hearty brew called Golden Monkey.  Yes ladies and gents, they named a beer after us!  It is quite tasty, but there is one problem.  It has 11.4% alcohol.  After a few sips we started to feel a little funny.  I think we'll give the rest to Jen and Brian.  We have to be wide awake when our show comes on tonight.  We love us some Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.  Do you know why we love it so much?  It isn't the host (who has really funny hair).  It isn't the restaurants.  It is the fact that periodically throughout the show they "PUT SOME SAUCE ON IT!!!!!!!!"  We really don't get out much, its the little things in life that make us happy.  

As a side note, do you see the ball of yarn by G-mo's butt?  Do you think that would make a nice new scarf for a monkey?  Maybe Santa can make a monkey one for Christmas?  Or, should we keep our same old scarves?  Just putting out the feelers.



Oooo! I love me some Diners, Drive-ins and Dives too!

That would make a fresh to def monkey scarf! Change is good!


If we're talkin' diners then I think the monkeys need two straws with their beer.

Yes to the new scarves but only if they wear them like Nicole Richie and all the other celebrities . . . like a baby bib... with their summer clothes - in 100 degree heat!

This Mom

OH you should always expand your wardrobe when ever possible.

Candid Carrie

Hang on, Miss Teacher Lady.

You've got a minkee sitting on a scissors? And a seam ripper? And a needle? And serving alcohol?

I love the yarn. It reminds me of cranberry sauce with oranges in it. Very Thanksgiving-ish and all.

Did the Minkees come over on the Mayflower, too?


Mmmmm, beer...

Re. the scarves: In general I think it would be fun for you guys to mix it up with some new accessories. However, I say a big NO to making anything out of anything that's been by Guillermo's booty.

Mama Dawg

I love the yarn. That would make a great Xmas gift for a minkee.

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