Spooky Minkees

What is going on here?!?

We were just hanging out in the chair earlier today and this strange thing happened.  We got all kinds of fuzzy and light was bending all around us.  Guillermo thought that we were being abducted by aliens.  We are so cute and cuddly that creatures from another world would want to smuggle a little minkee away on their trans galactic voyages.  Or so that's what Guillermo believes.  I know the truth!  Jen is planning on recreating us with this new yarn we are holding, so our minkee souls were being transferred to the new yarn (in small doses) so that when the conversion is complete we will be the exact same as we were before.  Either that or Guillermo had one of his super duper farts.  It was pretty smelly.  You decide.


Lex the mom

A super duper fart - that's what. But I also think that creatures from another planet do also love Minkees enough to abduct them. Good thing it didn't work.

Mama Dawg

I think it's the ghosts of monkeys past. They've come to deliver a message.


I want the bodies of the old B & G! I'll give you a million dollars for them! (approximately...)


It was God of the Knit Monkeys, giving life to thy yarn!


Maybe it is a UFO looking for Scully and Mulder. A couple of clone minkees might do though.



Maybe! It was a stinky ghost trying to scare them.


Whatever you do, do not look into the light! If it turns out not to be Aliens...then plug your nose and breath through your mouth because anything that makes its own gas fumes has to be deadly:-)

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