"f"ing minkees!

Every time I get up from my comfy chair and leave the room, this happens.  
It was cute at first, look at a close up of their little mugs.  However, now I find it a wee bit annoying.
What amazes me the most is how quickly my husband can get these guys into this position.  He must have hypersonic speed and stealth powers.  I am amazed that I can walk to the kitchen to get a beverage and turn around and there they are.  I never actually technically leave the sight of the chair.  Oh, well.  I signed on for this once I started blogging about their adventures.  I encouraged him.  At least he uses his powers for good.


Candid Carrie

Dearest Jen,

You of all people should know that you need to call "place back" when you leave your chair to get a beverage. It is time that the teacher becomes the student! Haven't the middle school students taught you anything?

Mama Dawg

I love that he participates. That's what rules!

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