HELP, I'VE BEEN MONKEYNAPPED!!!! These new guys think they are so funny. I accidently farted on the couch and these guys tied me up, gagged me and hid me in the sock drawer. (I don't know what their problem is, they know I'm a farty monkey.) They even wrote a ransom note. "Three bananas or you will never see Guillermo again." The least they could have done was ask for a banana for me too! Selfish little monkeys! The joke is on them. I had the best time in the sock drawer. The only problem was I couldn't put on any hats because I am tied up. It was fun squirming around in there though. Brian and Jen eventually found me from the 'odd smell' coming from drawer and the weird laughing they heard. I'm so glad they care about me. Those guys rock!


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