Cabin Fever

This totally sucks!  With winter settling in for the long haul we are forced to play inside, no sunporch for us.  We better make the most of it.

Being minkees we can usually make the most of a situation.  We tried out some balancing acts.  Good thing we are flexible, huh!  It was hard staying up here on Bernardo's head, but I managed.

Look what we found in the trash can just sitting there!  Well, this was hours worth of fun.  Well, not so much fun as getting stuck on our little noses.  (It did take Jen some time to 'reshape' our noses to their oh so perfect shape.)  What I wanted to do with the tube was make it into a fart cannon and put it up to peoples faces, but once again Bernardo pointed out I need to be known for my cuteness, not just my ability to stink up a room.  By the way, I can't believe that she laughed at us when she found us like this on the couch. 

Check out these ultra warm/cool sock outfits.  I think we may be wearing them all winter long if it stays this cold!  We had better call it a night.  One of our favorite yearly programs is on (The Librarian) and we want to get ready.  Jen already made us a nice warm cup of Chai to split and we are set for the night.  Minkees out!



A fart cannon... now there's an original idea for empty toilet paper rolls.... I knew there had to be something useful a person /minkee could do with them... Thanks for the heads up.


second and last pictures...yes

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