It's 33 below zero (windchill) and snowing again. It must be Tuesday! SH*T!

This is GSNOW- Guillermo and 33BELOW-Bernardo coming at you from our cozy little niche in the Arctic Circle. It is, in a word: cold. In two words: liquid oxygen. This winter has been brutal so far, we fear we are going to turn into minkee-pops one of these days. Brrrrrr. Our little minkee harbles are freezing!

We decided to catch some exploring time, and possibly a nice case of hypothermia by bundling up something fierce and exploring the sun porch. It is not insulated, so we don't play out there past September! We missed it though, so we put on our polar gear (yeah, socks and more socks. Hey, they don't make sno-pants our size!) and 'hit the Arctic'!

To be more accurate: IT hit US...the cold that is.
Like sitting naked on a sno-cone eating ice cream.

It is unbelievable cold out here. The vast, snow-covered tundra stretched out before us. Strange patterns of frost lie etched across the windows in the fading 'winter-light'. Guillermo said he saw a penguin wearing long johns, but I don't really believe that... I think it was just a cardinal. There were no reindeer to be seen, although we both thought we heard wolves more than once, and the only overweight "man in red" was the neighbor up the street trying to scrape the ice off of his driveway. We waved, but he didn't seem particularly "jolly", either.
Ho Ho Ho, indeed.
We decided to head back into the house: My nose was going numb, and Guillermo declared that he was: " 'Nippin' something FIERCE!" Juvenile, but undoubtedly true. REAL TALK !

We made some cocoa and warmed up, and then we had a great idea! Jen left her cell phone here, and we thought: "Hey, let's give BG's nephew a call!" (he is currently in Morocco...he says he's in the Peace Core, but we think he actually went there to play with some of our cousins, as seen in Exhibit A):

It was a no-go however. We just could NOT get through, we tried everything. At one point I think I actually got the North Pole. Fortunately, I was able to hang up before G-mo got started on his "winter rant" ("Let's warm it UP, Fat Boy!")....I swear, that minkee is going to get coal in his stocking...or worse.

Finally, after being put on hold from someone in Rabat, we just gave up. So we're send him a shout-out here on our blog!

Hope everyone stays warm and safe...like us!

PS...um....Jen? Morocco is a LOCAL call, right? Jen? Or maybe perhaps "roaming" fees apply?


This Mom

I love the ice lace on the window. It is very pretty. Sorry it had to get so cold on you to share it though.



a frozen harble is a useless harble...and nobody wants that! thanks for the attempted call minkees, but the phone stayed silent on my end. i appreciate the shout-out though! it appears i need to keep up with your antics more often, hm? things are good here in the Mink...eh, Peace Corps. stay out of trouble!

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