Rainy day fun

With another icky day in the QC there is nothing to do but find something to play with indoors.  We were rooting through Jen's school bag when we came across these interesting things called Smencils.  If you don't know already Smencil means smelly pencils.
Jen has Rootbeer, Peppermint and Tropical Blast and they actually smell like what they say.  The Tropical Blast takes us back to our days in the jungle.  Good times, good times!  Oooh, I wonder if there would be a market for minkee scented pencils.  I could toot in one of the tubes!  They could call it a Stencil for Stinky pencil!  What do you think?!?

By the way, we looked at the forecast and even though it is supposed to rain all day the temp will get up to 51.  I wonder if we can have some sun porch time!  Were gonna go bother BG and see if he will let us.

Minkee out!

***** Update*****
Well, Brian gave us permission to head on out to the sun porch to play but there seems to be a problem.  I guess Jen doesn't clean out there until spring and there are these things called 'Dust Bunnies' that make it their domain.  Brian said he can't guarantee that they won't attack while we're playing.  So, we are going to hang inside today and hoot it up.  Dust Bunnies sound like serious business!



Minkees balance Smencils so well.


I can attest to the ferocity of dust bunnies. Y'all are smart minkees to avoid tussling with them on their turf!

Mama Dawg

Those dust bunnies are dangerous. Good call on not going outside.


Awesome! Those dust bunnies are murder.

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